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The Fishers Police Department uses for crime reports in neighborhoods and businesses around Fishers.  

View the Neighborhood Crime Watch Dashboard.

Neighborhood Crime Watch Dashboard

Neighborhood Watch Tips 

Here are simple techniques to assist you and your neighbors in improving the safety and security of your neighborhood. PLEASE practice these techniques and teach them to your family.  

  • Be alert and call the police when you see criminal or suspicious activity.  
  • Install deadbolt locks on all doors and use them. Secure all windows with quality locks as well.  
  • Turn on your outside lights at night, every night!  
  • If you have a residential burglar alarm, use it!  
  • Do not give out personal information to anyone you don’t know. Cross shred all documents with any personal information.  
  • Close your garage door whether you are home or away. 
  • Lock all vehicles parked outside. Remove all valuables and garage door openers.  
  • Notify a trusted neighbor or family member if you are away. Leave the emergency contact information. Stop newspaper and mail delivery. Have your lawn mowed or snow shoveled while you are away. 

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