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What Is The Bleed Safe Community Initiative?  

A program designed to increase community survivability and resiliency from traumatic injuries.

This initiative seeks to accomplish this in a two-pronged approach:

  1. Connect community members to free, nationally-recognized trauma care training.  
  2. Increase the number of public trauma access kits (PTAK) throughout the community.  

Just like CPR training and AEDs reduce the risk for cardiac death, trauma care and trauma kits reduce and mitigate the hazards of traumatic injury and death. Injury is the leading cause of death in the Indiana for ages 1 to 44 (Indiana State Department of Health 2016 Injury and Violence Fact Sheet).

What is a Public Access Trauma Kit (PATK) and How Do I Get One?  

PATKs are stocked with equipment used to treat of traumatic injuries and placed in easily identifiable and accessible locations. These kits offer community members the equipment needed to provide time-sensitive, life-saving intervention prior to the arrival of first responders.  

The minimum contents should include:  

  • Identifying markings/label  
  • Gauze or hemostatic gauze 
  • Emergency Trauma Bandage  
  • Tourniquet
  • Shears  

PATKs are commercially available from several vendors. Email us to receive recommended models and discount information. 

How To I Make My Organization Bleed Safe?  

Submit a letter on your organization’s letterhead stating you have completed the following:  

  • 50% of permanent employees (full and parttime) trained in recognized trauma curriculum (Stop the Bleed)  
  • Have at least one Public Access Trauma Kit (PATK) on site in an easily identifiable and accessible location to all.   
  • Notify surrounding businesses/tenants of the availability of your Public Access Trauma Kit.  

Email this letter to  

In return you will receive a certificate acknowledging your commitment to making the community safer and stickers to assist with identifying your equipment. 

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